Is this a good plan..? (For authority sites)...

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    After i understood that it's good to diversity the methods which bring me $$$ i started to do go with different methods.
    But right now, Authority sites are something that i really like to go for. I used to make micro-niche sites (5-10.000 exact searches) and rank them on top. Pretty hard keywords ( Used to outrank cnn,webmd,wikipedia etc.).

    Anyway it doesn't matter what i did but all it matters is what i want to do..
    My plan is to create some authority sites in some well-researched topics. (i've researched the topics).

    I have a small team of 3-4 peoples who can produce 10-20 articles per day.
    Which means that within one month i can have 300-500 Articles.

    So the content is not a problem for me.

    I see authority sites as a good long-term plan.
    So that's why i want to go with these type of sites.

    About ranking... 5-6 months ago.. when i was into micro niche sites i've been ranking them with content and manual backlinking strategy.
    Don't know for now but i really would like to know if it is still good idea to create this type of links (Manual diversity backlinks).

    If someone is into Authority Sites, i would be glad to accept some advice's from them.

    Well, i have other source incomes but i really want to go with something bigger and more long-term.