Is this a good idea? $2000 in a day?


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Nov 1, 2008
Hey guys I have been thinking about a kind of new money making idea and wanted some feedback or maybe even a JV.

Ok this is basically a twist on the $10,000 in a weekend thread. In that thread they talked about marketing SEO to businesses by giving seminars.

My idea is to market seminars to total noobs.

I sold around 200 sites on ebay last summer and I was always surprised how many people out there know nothing about affiliate programs or SEO or selling anything online.

So I was thinking about renting a local hotel seminar room for a Saturday morning to do a seminar. The cost is around $400-700 for a day.

Basically post ads in local papers and on CL saying make money online and sell seats for like $67 or $97 each.

Bring a laptop and project it on a screen and teach these people about affiliate programs and keywords and stuff and sell them on backend products at the same time for hopefully more money down the road. It will be easy to sound like a super guru to these people as they know nothing.

This may work well with all the people out there without jobs and trying to make extra money.

What do you guys think?
you could also look into using It gives you a free 800 number and a password for your conference call... That eliminates the overhead of renting a room, and you can get people from all over... You could also set up a free site with the presentation and upsell items on it... Just a thought...
Interesing idea, I would be interested in speaking to anyone from the UK who may want to team up on this...
They did this kind of thing with a real estate thing I went to... but their operation was obviously a little more pro..

A bunch of 1 hr long basically sales pitch to go to the main seminar that lasts like 3 days 8hrs each day.. the first seminar was free and had a sales guy doing it.. the second seminar just went through stuff regarding different methods of making money in real estate.. of course then they had the huge upsell for their advanced courses which were like 4k/each lol.

If you wanted to go big with it.. I figure thats a good model to go by... Teaser -> Real Seminar -> Advanced classes which just go a little more in-depth and offer more Q&A and hands-on crap... internet marketing is still young and you can get tons of people that want to learn how to do it... if you're motivated enough to set it all up.
Yea I would be happy just to get like 25 people at $97 each and profit 2kish

I may think about upselling an advanced version for more money, but would obviously sell them on IM related tools through my affiliate links.

Hostgator, keyword tools, affiliate program referrals, etc...
Knew a guy back where I used to live who used to put on these little seminars in cahoots with a local community college.

Basically he would do like 3 or 4 of these, like every other weekend for a 2 months. The community college would put it in their little class booklet they had which was all over campus and got sent out to people in the community before every quarter.

They'd charge like $149 or so and he basically got $49 of that for each student while the college kept $100 - give or take a few bucks.

The guy had some 1 day classes with 40+ people. So do the math.

The tough part is obviously drumming up the attention for the workshops. Which is why this guy was happy giving 2/3 of the $$ to the college since almost all the signups came because of them.

Of course the class was pretty basic stuff. Good info, but nothing most BHW guys don't know. But it was well organized and's not like he rolled out of the rack, smoked a bowl, and then rambled on about affiliate stuff to these people. He knew his shit, was professional, and was organized.

Then at the end of class he would make sure everyone knew his website and could get his business card if they wanted more in-depth tutoring or wanted him to help them get a business started. So he always had leads and people calling him for work.

I know because that's how I met him - I did some freelance design for him and then he would dump some work my way and even refer customers to me too.

Think that's good? Dude did the exact same thing with EGAY and made double or triple. His EGAY workshops would always be FULL, huge interest among the general public about Ebay.
Actually a good idea... you can do an Hour of Seminar about Affiliate (OR anything) Explain Affiliate Marketing using PowePoint Slides...

For selling u can create step by step videos about affiliate basic & how to earn from affiliate.. and can sell it as DVD after seminar.

Later you can offer them One ON One Affiliate coaching :D
You might want to consider completely scraping the door fee if your intent is on selling them services.

I actually attended a seminar exactly like you are describing just out of curiosity. If I remember correctly, they actually paid people $25 or were giving a free gift to attend. The way they presented it was similar to many of the courses geared towards noobs... people spend billions of dollars online, if you have a website, you can make money too! etc. etc. They of course, were selling turnkey ecommerce websites for about $3,000 and of course they were charging for hosting, and the domain name.

All and all there were about 75 people in the room and there were at least 10 people I noticed that seemed EXTREMELY excited about this.
Make sure you teach these people little, and deliberately teach them the harder ways of making money online, just enough to get them discouraged if they attempt to go through with it -- or maybe their lack of faith will accomplish this on their own, however...don't accelerate the amount of people trying to make money online, competition is not good. This can probably work. If they go through with it make sure setup an incentive site or stuff alot of affiliate programs and GPT sites down their throats. I'm not being cruel at all.
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Smart idea, but a lot of work, and a high likelihood that you'll be turned down from doing the thing.
Very doable and in current economy crisis many will be looking for additional ways to make money. I am going to do something similiar here in my country but through IM.
been thinking along the same lines - lots of people out of work and wanting online income. could work as seminars and online. anyone in uk on south coast interested in teaming up?
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