Is there such an animal as an autoresponder with multiple user accounts?

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    I'd like to offer mailing list services to some of our clients and figured that the ideal situation would be to have one autoresponder account with multiple sub-user accounts. That way, clients could log in and edit/send their own email blasts, and at the same time we would benefit from the economy of scale that one large account would offer (10,000 total subscribers is a lot cheaper on a per-subscriber basis than 100 subscribers). Basically, we would be paying wholesale prices and selling at retail. Problem is, I've never seen an autoresponder that has that kind of flexibility. Have you?

    The next logical step would be to look for some kind of white label autoresponder service. And if not that, my next guess would be getting software and running our own service -- but I can imagine what a nasty can of worms that is, sending out tons of emails every day and worrying about blacklisting and all that.

    Anyone have any experience with any of this? If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.
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