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    I have been searching for a program that has customizable HTML fields but to make a basic page that you'll use everytime. Then through the program, I want to be able to have specified fields where I can insert text/a href links/display links/images - Does anyone know of such a program or what i'm even talking about?

    I'll try to explain more - Have a template, Have field A in the template be blank when you load it, and have text fields where you insert such needed text/custom a href code/display links/images

    Just let me know.

    If not, I'm learning VB again and I will put my knowledge to use.

    Basically, i'm making a coupon site and I want to pump pages out there that pertain to certain websites that i'm an affiliate with, i've SEO'd friendly the URL and are uniformley the same page each time.
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    can you not just use a cms like joomla?