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Is there A witch hunt on at B*HW? and BTW, WTF is Up with the 'Thanks Beggars"?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Oakley, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Oakley

    Oakley Regular Member

    Sep 2, 2007
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    I have spent more time actually reading and participating in BHW in the last 2 days than I have in the last 2 months.

    Unlike many who seem to have nothing better to do, have the time, or both and seem to live on B*HW (your damn right, I am jealous) I am not in that position yet.

    But I forced myself to relax and really read and try to take part in BHW this weekend as I haven't before.

    I have learned a lot, most good, but some not so good.

    For Instance:

    I noticed members seem to jump at the chance to be judge, jury and convictor regarding posts in here.

    Not just talking about peter whoever the hell he is either (See-ya, wouldn't wanna be-ya) he needed the boot, but many posts, I thought this was the mods job.

    I don't get it, on one hand I think, well hell if I frequented and participated as much as I would like, I'd be sick of posts that mean nothing to me as well, but then a gain, who am I to determine a useless post. Quite honestly, I am only knowledgeable in one area and 99% of the posts regarding A*C are old to me. Honestly should I slam every post as being useless? c'mon, you damn well know what what I mean people.

    I see more than a couple members on this forum who wanna "throw their weight around", what gives? It's not right and people need to stop that BS, get productive and stop trying to make yourself feel useful and worthy, that comes from inside not from BHW.

    I propose if the mods are over worked, that the powers to be give authority to a certain number of seasoned BHW members to report shit posts, newbies who are only here to grab and run, posters wanting to increase their count, MEMBERS TRYING TO BE A LITTLE ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE and anything else these guys deemed needed to be policed and everybody else including me stay the hell out of it.

    BHW is a gift, we should forget that. Many members log in daily knowing this and never think otherwise. To a few, you need to remember who Diamond Dave is and understand he owns the place and he and his elected board (I call them powers to be) are the only ones who control fate in BHW.

    While I'm at it, just one members 2 cents on fellow members begging for "Thanks"

    WTF is up with

    "Don't forget to thank me"
    "if you like this, use the thanks button"
    "remember the thanks button"
    And a 100 other no matter if its useful, JUST "THANK ME" because thats all I give a shit about, not whether the info is correct, works or is infected, just gimme my damn "THANKS" posts.

    I notice a lot of the "thanks" request come from new members - I just don't get. Didn't you guys get enough love as a kid or what?

    I NEVER give "Thanks" until I know the info, software, script, etc is valuable, I really don't care who is sharing whatever it is.

    Today alone, I bet I ran across 15 threads and some were older threads, where people gave "thanks" for something and the next post down was - link doesn't work or download shows a virus. WTF do you people think is gonna get you with 500 thanks. Do you think you will make more money?

    Be more popular... get in with the f_king mods or what? I really wanna know what the benefit is.

    Everybody seeks appreciation and worth and you deserve it, but really it only comes from within. I swear to to your higher power, if you never get another thanks in your life, but you truly believe what you offer to society is worthy, it will comeback 100 times over. Thanks is courteous, thanks should never be expected, or demanded in my opinion.

    I believe giving "thanks" is proper and we all should hit that button when necessary, not as a habit, but as an honest appreciation of one's effort. But I swear I might be the only one who feels like this, but when someone begs, I move on more and more without even reading the thread.

    I look around and am beginning to see I been here a while and probably have less "thanks" than 90% of members.

    It never dawned on me, I'm different than most members because, I do work on the net full time and don't dream about it or lie about it. I am not Internet savvy, or do I pretend to be. Hell I'm more successful than many and I know less than most regarding marketing and you know what, I never asked for a "Thanks" in my life either on the net or off!

    Success is in the beholders mind, I might make more than you, but I'm not happy (free time), you might make more or less than me but have hours a day of free time... Damn your lucky if this is the case.

    So no power struggle here, as I am me and not better than you.

    Why does one who has 3,4,500 or more post never direct their readers to the "Thanks Button"? Because they know it doesn't mean damn thing. Respect is earned, respect is never "given through a button" or just shows up by someone clicking a link.

    Do your best, if you decide to share something, do it for the right reasons.

    Stop "begging" for "thanks"
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  2. aliskorn

    aliskorn Regular Member

    Apr 21, 2008
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    Psychologist & programmer
    You have to understand something. Yes, thanks are imaginary,they only exist on a server on a user`s profile. Yes, it may not say anything about the person. BUT money is imaginary too. It exists as numbers in the bank`s computers. You measure wealth with money just as you measure length with yards. You measure a member`s performance by his thanks received.

    God knows the system is not perfect (I am speaking of the monetary system), but it`s the most accurate thing we got now. Same goes with the thanks or the rep button.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2008
  3. ebikerz

    ebikerz Regular Member Premium Member

    Dec 18, 2007
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    Air Force Civilian, Mechanic
    I noticed the same thing. I'm just glad peter is gone.:cow_yello
  4. Oakley

    Oakley Regular Member

    Sep 2, 2007
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    Thanks is important and everyone should be acknowledged, and people should feel special.

    But begging for it, this is me speaking only, won't do anything for credibility in here, only the worth of your work being shared gives you credibility.

    I know if I took the time to dig up software and share for 1 month and lets I had 200 thanks, if anyone thinks I would know anymore then about cookie stuffing (just an example) then, than I know now would be wrong.

    But with "no thanks", you posted a thread explaining cookie stuffing and I understood it and implemented it and it worked, you would have a customer for life.

    You could sell to me for life... you can have your thanks for your downloads and ebooks, I take the money
  5. ajeeyunz

    ajeeyunz Regular Member

    Jul 23, 2008
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    Indonesia, the Dangerously Beautiful
    I sick for that sentence too honestly. But, again, like OP said, who am I ? I am just a member here, have no authority to judge what is truly right, what is wrong.

    We can only depend on moderators' wisdom. :)

    I can only said this, please, don't beg for thanks, if you deserved to get that, you will get it, even if you said "don't thank me".
  6. mikeynuts

    mikeynuts Newbie

    Jun 27, 2008
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    is this like reverse psychology begging for thanks? lol just kidding. long post :)
  7. dhamma_man

    dhamma_man Junior Member

    Feb 9, 2008
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    Northern California

    Regarding the "thanks begging issue", I agree with you. The thing that I find somewhat humerous is when people get some benefit from you, like when you download their file from RapidShare or sign up on their website, or give your e-mail address or something, and they STILL ask for thanks! Well, my .02 worth, no thanks! In fact, unless their post is REALLY something worthwhile, if they ASK for a thanks, they won't get one from me!

    I'm almost to the point that I'm giving -reps for the thanks beggars (btw- I love the term), because there isn't a "thanks for nothing" button.

    A lot of people on here do deserve thanks, and I usually give it, but have you noticed how a lot of the people with 100-200 thanks have only thanked others 20-30 times??? What goes around, comes around.

    Nice to get this off my chest! :)
  8. terkat

    terkat Newbie

    Mar 13, 2008
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    bactboats & Genjutsu,
    I agree totally with both of you, as I was also looking for a kind way of expressing my feelings about this abuse too..
    There is so much to learn on this Forum, it boggles the mind of all the Valuable Posts.
    But on the other hand, the Frustrations of reading endless rhetoric of how to do this and do that, when in all likelyhood, is all they have to do is use the Search Function in this Forum, as the Info is there. ALL they have to do is "LOOK"?
    But alas, Laziness prevails? :(

    Sorry for the Rant.

    My $0.05 (Inflation Indexed)

  9. sam12six

    sam12six Newbie

    May 25, 2008
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    I've personally never placed any stock in someone's post count or rep. Maybe that's why I don't go batshit over pointless posts. The only annoying thing about them is they bump the threads.

    Don't any of you have that one friend that never says anything that makes sense? Still, he's harmless and you learn to tune him out. No point in jumping down his throat because he's not contributing valuable insight to your conversations. If you think about it, maybe that wisdom you're putting out isn't doing him a whole lot of good either. :confused:

    Starting nonsense or offtopic threads is a different matter and that should be squelched. On the other hand, just because you either don't like someone's opinion or don't consider it of any value shouldn't be a factor unless they're breaking forum rules. Remember, if every time someone opens their mouth (or wiggles their fingers in this case) people jump down his throat and tell him to shut up, then he'll be afraid when he wants to share a good idea that could have made YOU money.

    As for thanks, my personal criteria is that if I see something and either get value from the post or if it's a download and I find it interesting enough to download I'll thank them. I don't hold people responsible for the content of their posted links (unless it's discovered that the person is using the post to spam or hurt our members).

    Thanks begging doesn't really bother me, it makes me laugh. It's like walking around asking people to tell you you're good looking. If you need to do that, you probably aren't. :p

    Bottom line is that we all need to remember that post count (and even thanks to an extent) don't mean squat. Don't look at someone's post count and assume that they're trustworthy or that they have a clue what the hell they're talking about. If you're thinking about buying something from someone or through someone's link, go back and read their posts.

    I'm amazed how someone can make a ton of money with a "Make $400000000/minute with no work blackhat method" link when just 3 days ago they were posting "Hw can interwebs make u $?".

    It just slays me.