Is there a mashup script that produces results similar to Blastro and KOVideo?

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    I have a site that is gaining pagerank but that i've been letting languish out there. I was thinking of competing with Blastro and KOVideo type sites. From poking through the Blastro advertising section, they are getting a ton of traffic. I am ranking for some keywords not far behind them right now, and I have not a lot of content on my site. Actually, I really like KOVideo its a nice site with cool graphics. I was thinking I'd build the site up and either compete, or offer to sell it to them :) What I'm wondering is if there is a mashup script already available off the shelf to add this sort of stuff into Wordpress so I can still post articles and other content but have all the rest too? So basically a mashup that can pull a YouTube video feed and combine it with Last.FM artist data and plop in affiliate links for iTunes, ringtones, etc.

    Is WP Robot sophisticated enough that you could build out templated "pages" intead of posts? And then pump it full of a list of artist names as keywords and genres as categories and have it populate it?

    What I want is pages per artist, and then auto-post news and other stuff about the artist to a blog, with the feed appearing on the artist page, and then I will manually write reviews of the latest stuff as it is released, e.g. lady gaga's latest video etc.

    Or is there already this exact type of thing in an off the shelf script? Because if there is, I'd rather just buy it off the shelf.