Is there a market for this? Possible $$$ idea..?

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    Okay so recently I've been making a lot of my own software to automate various tasks..

    Now there are 3 things that I need in pretty much all my bots and I need to use these 3 things all the time:

    1. Proxy - I need to sign up to some sites more than once in an hour and so proxies help me to stay anonymous - there are loads of services where I can buy proxies from at decent prices..

    2. Captcha Solving Services - There are lots of services which help me solve captchas when they appear.

    3. Email accounts.. - I need lots and lots of email accounts.. You normally need to 'verify' your email when you sign up somewhere and so I'm always needing new email accounts.

    Now I know that people do sell bulk yahoo, hotmail accounts etc however this isn't quite what I need:

    I need an email service that can works FOR the internet marketer rather than against us!

    The commercial email services I use at the moment are extremely slow and buggy and are always trying to catch me out with captchas, random timeouts and IP bans.

    I need a no nonsense super fast email service which has a simple layout (easy to work with bots) and will never ban, block or limit my access.

    Any solutions? What do you guys do? Anyone thinking of offering a service like this?