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I'm wondering if there is a one time payment or free alternative to this SaaS, their google search console reports are really awesome, and I mean it.

This tool doesn't seems to be well known, to be honest I don't care about the "testing" feature, but I'm only searching a similar tool that could get that awesome search console reports.

For example :

Winners & Losers : Queries/pages for the last 7 days

Low CTRs by Query / Low CTRs by page / Top queries missing from titles and meta descriptions / Top query per page

New keywords (queries your website has only just started to rank over the last week)

New pages (find out when a new page has started to rank in Google)

Search intent keywords, long tail keywords, queries with low CTR...

And one of the best : "distance keywords" (Your site ranks just off page 1 for these queries)

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