Is the YouTube community corrupt? And what to do next...

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    As time has gone by, I have noticed so many methods of people gaining views. Either through YouTube or Google, there is ALWAYS someone willing to find a way to get views either through ethical or unethical methods!

    Im not here writing about how YouTube used to be good and how partnership used to be for those upper high quality youtubers, but what I am here to talk about is the community.

    This community consists of, the (what I like to call) "Underworld" community (this consists of buying views/likes etc as well as the distribution of methods, ie BHW), the norm (this is those average YouTubers who support who they watch, comment on their videos etc etc) and "The YouTube celebrities" (This consists of near enough those who are either opinion leaders or create high quality content or a general celebrity).

    The YouTube celebrities segment is horrible, most big youtubers are quite arrogant, they don't reply to their fans or show their support in any sort of way and in the past have abused the youtube system by hosting giveaways. The only people YouTube celebrities talk to are other (much higher up) YouTube celebrities.

    The average YouTube is just to vulnerable for anything, they watch a viral video, they send it round. They see a video with loads of views, they view it more! etc etc.

    The underworld community is so messed up, its unbelievable.

    The reason I am saying this is because, in order for us to heal YouTube, to heal our worlds is to first cut the main source, I am going to talk direct now...

    BHW is an amazing forum and has a lot of useful information which may not reach other months for litterally MONTHS! But, as many of you are aware, there are just too many low quality leechers who don't follow the rules around here and though may not necessarily break the rules, they break the spirit of the community, weakening it down with anything they do.

    For example, mobile views were working fine, until people decided to spread it here where, not only is it basically a public forum but leechers, abusers and low quality newcomers come flowing in, ruin the scene and overall give YouTube a bad name. At this rate, YouTube will hit its peek and reduce in views within 5 years time. With our help, that could be extended.

    I mean, there was a post talking about how mobile views (magicviews) should be patched and the only way to do that is to abuse THE HELL out of it. Some people actually complained saying that mobile views shouldn't be patched and said that all view sellers are greedy and whatnot, a part of me dropped when that was said.

    What should we do next?
    Move to a much more sacred forum and include those who dedicate themselves to the community, who help instead of destroy and who bring life to what is dead. No offence to the mods or anyone else, but there is no point complaining about newcomers on this forum anymore. They will keep coming, as will the threads.

    BHW has gained way to popular and like others have said, some YouTube employees do check out the threads from time to time to give any sort of reason for stopping this action, by banning accounts, removing videos etc.

    I don't know if others have had this idea, but its time that we take some action instead of sitting back and letting the fire spread. This part of BHW will never be the same and by the looks of it, will only get worse. Im sorry, but this had to be said.
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