is the pets niche still valid in 2019 ?


Aug 1, 2018
hi everyone , so am looking to get into instagram marketing but right now am really struggling to choose a niche , am thinking about going for the pets niche because some say they are more profitable ! so what do you guys think?
and if it's not as good as it used to be , what are some niches that are emotionally based (where the buying decision is based on emotions) , any piece of advice would help.Tnx
Is there still a valid pet niche???

Yes of course there is, with social media the way it is and people sharing the amount of videos and pics of their pets there will always be a strong sector to advertise to. It's as strong and live and kicking as it has ever been.
I have a cat account, averages almost 500 likes with under 1900 followers.
So yeah,pets will always be profitable.
are you following any strategy to gain or maintain this engagement?
Nope,it kinda took off for some reason. I might have good hashtags cause i dont think my follow targeting is that good.
If you are into the cat niche PM me i can send you my hashtags.
there are various niche that you can get started with , i would suggest you to get started with luxury niche as they are easy to grow
Pets market it's one of the most growing/profitable market in the world right now (not regarding only to IM).
They sell food leftovers from human beings at 3-10x times the cost of food for human beings.

Regarding IM on clickbank there are some good converting offers (e-books) but the refund it's a bit high, so flip their funnel and search some other networks.
I Hate CB refund policy (specially when u are on Paid traffic).
So Flip them all funnels buddy.

Or give a try also to amazon if u have quantity.
What's up guys. I am in the pet niche. Wanted to see if you can help me any way. I've got a decent site with about 16 good blogs, but it's a new site so the backlinks, etc.. are low. Just trying to find other ways to grow any ideas?
Anxiety, Depression. Instagram is full of teenagers, and they tend to react to such kind of posts who are relatable. Pets, Girls niches are very good to grow accounts.
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