Is the Heatmap theme actually effective?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by directaxcess, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Is anyone using the Heatmap theme and actually find it effective for AdSense (more so than other themes)? I'm thinking about getting it, but I need to check the theme loading speed, because their demo has a 70/100 on Google's Page Speed checker.

    Any experiences/reviews anyone?
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    There are probably reviews of that theme on the forum already. If you are concerned with page load speed / page speed score you can try w3 total cache plugin for wordpress, it optimizes many things and works for any theme.
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    It is not the theme but rather the ads and the placement that make a difference. Themes like this just make it easier for those that can not code to insert the ads. With that it is very flexible.
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    Several limitations with HMT.

    Columns are set at 300 width, content set at about 600. Most adsense people agree, left column hotter than right and 160 skyscraper is best at top of left column. What do you do with a 160 wide unit in a 300 column? It's coded to accommodate either a single 300 wide or two 125 wide units side by side. So you have to edit css and shrink content box and widen column so you can double up or use a link unit with an ad. Sucks either way.

    Secondly, my adsense map wants 320x250 rect unit after first paragraph of text. Can't do it with HMT unless you want to edit each post and manually insert the ad unit where you need it. You get a choice of left or right at start of content. With new Google Ad SEO you need significant content above the fold WITH ADS. Again a short-coming of HMT. Also no way to drop and ad unit centered in the middle of the text if that is what you want (unless you want to manually edit each post).

    Tons of features to position ads in the remote cold area but very limited when it comes to manipulating the hot spots. The creator obviously knows very little about adsense hot spots on the pages or he would have developed those as good as he developed the cold spots. With the header you have 3 advertising spots ABOVE the masthead (totally dead area) and 5 advertising spots in the footer (the only place colder than above the masthead). Who in the hell would waste adsense or other ad units in totally dead spots on the page? With HMT you have 8 spots to waste ads if you don't know what you're doing.

    Why isn't there an option to set the column at 160 or 180 width on ANY THEME? Why isn't there an option to insert ad units after so many characters of text or paragraphs? Who works with non-standard 125 width ad units in columns?

    No option to set a post as featured on home page. You have to create a page and lock it there. Then you have other issues that I don't worry much about but supposedly they're against Adsense TOS. If you want adsense on pages you can set it to display on pages but it's all pages or no pages. Adsense TOS says you shouldn't have adsense on pages without good content (i.e. contact page, privacy page, sitemap page) but again if you want a feature homepage you have to create a page because a post isn't an option and create a whole new group of adsense ad units to just display on home page but not other pages.

    If you're still reading this far, there are much better options for adsense themes. HMT was obviously not created by someone that has done much adsense site building.

    That being said, if you know css and can decipher the stylesheet you can make a HMT work with some editing but why pay money if you have to fix it? Get a thesis or something similar if you want a plug and play adsense theme.

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    Really thoughtful post! Looks like you know what to do when it comes to adsense ad placement. I am a template developer and I am planning to design and develop a highly customizable adsense theme for popular CMSs like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger and more.

    I am analyzing different theme providers such as HMP, CTRTheme, ... to understand the cons & pros of each theme.

    I would be glad to hear about what features and requirements should be implemented in the design.
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    @kvmcable: What other themes do you suggest looking at?
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    This is good but you will need to look into a caching plugin to make things work unless you have a massive server or VPS.

    2 cents