Is soliciting via PM still verboten?


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Aug 25, 2007
I was noticing someone's recent post about Squidoo and noticed "Location:pM ME 4 SQUIDOO SERVICES".

Is this allowed?
I don't see whats wrong with it. You can put whatever you want in thr. its ur account and its not spam because nothing is "being sent."
Short answer: yes.

Selling through PM is bad joojoo.

That's why we have the b/s/t and freelance sections. It makes the offers you have publicly available and therefore publicly open to criticism which helps protect everyone involved.

Any selling through PM bypasses the protections in place for all members and harms the board as a whole.

No, I'm not a moderator, but I play one on xbox360. :)
Asking people to PM you for info isn't a problem, it isn't different than having a note, banner, or link in your sig. It is actually good use of space that would otherwise be wasted.

The problem is PM spam, but those dip shits get slammed down pretty damn quick.

What I would like to see is some word censoring really, lazy people that can not type a full word just annoy the hell out of me.
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