Is Setting up an Pseudnym account a Felony?

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    Another ominous goose step by Big Bro, this time potentially criminalizing mere contract violations, or dummy online profiles (breaking the TOS). How do you do BH in that case? Article:

    Thursday, September 15th, 2011

    The little-known law at issue is called the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It was enacted in 1986 to punish computer hacking. But Congress has broadened the law every few years, and today it extends far beyond hacking. The law now criminalizes computer use that ?exceeds authorized access? to any computer. Today that violation is a misdemeanor, but the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to meet this morning to vote on making it a felony.

    The problem is that a lot of routine computer use can exceed ?authorized access.? Courts are still struggling to interpret this language. But the Justice Department believes that it applies incredibly broadly to include ?terms of use? violations and breaches of workplace computer-use policies.

    Breaching an agreement or ignoring your boss might be bad. But should it be a federal crime just because it involves a computer? If interpreted this way, the law gives computer owners the power to criminalize any computer use they don?t like. Imagine the Democratic Party setting up a public website and announcing that no Republicans can visit. Every Republican who checked out the site could be a criminal for exceeding authorized access.

    If that sounds far-fetched, consider a few recent cases. In 2009, the Justice Department prosecuted a woman for violating the ?terms of service? of the social networking site The woman had been part of a group that set up a MySpace profile using a fake picture. The feds charged her with conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Prosecutors say the woman exceeded authorized access because MySpace required all profile information to be truthful. But people routinely misstate the truth in online profiles, about everything from their age to their name. What happens when each instance is a felony?

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    Surprise surprise, yet more Gestapo shit from the US government. Shit like this makes me glad not to be a US citizen.
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    Once I get proof of irish citizenship,im moving to europe and giving up my u.s. citizenship.
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    OMFG!!!!!:rolleyes: It's the USternet again :p
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    bunch of cunts they are
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    Fuck....excuse my language but I've had enough of this BS!!!

    It's bad enough that the Feds take 35% of my income, then add another 15% self employment tax....Oh, and just when you thought you were done getting raped, the state I live in throws at me a 7% business tax.

    So let's break it down....not only does the GOV want to put me in jail for idk, paying for their fucking $10,000 office chairs and mercedes by making an extra email account or FB profile, but they want to take:

    57% of my earnings!?!?!!?!?

    So for every dollar I make the US GOV (state + FED) gets 0.57 cents and I get 0.43 cents.

    I'm done! If and when I have the means to do so I'm leaving until the gov pulls their heads out of their respective asses.

    ***RANT OVER***