Is Scrapebox still worth it in 2023?


Sep 8, 2023
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Is it still a good idea to purchase Scrapebox to get leads with in 2023?
It depends on how you plan to be getting these leads.

You can scrape contact form urls and use their contact form submission option, but you'll need either very high numbers of submissions or a laser-targeted list with killer sales copy.
You can scrape urls with specific footprints to then extract contact data from.
You can use the broken link checker to find broken links on prominent websites in your niche and then suggest the links are updated to a relevant page on your sites.

Have a think about how you plan to go ahead with your marketing, and check that Scrapebox's feature set has what you need to accomplish it.
There will always be people looking to hire someone to scrape data.
Scrapebox has many features and no software is close to them. It is a one time purchase so it is definitely worth it.
Is it still a good idea to purchase Scrapebox to get leads with in 2023?
It's still worth the money that you are paying!
Simple pros:
- Still gives updates
- One-time fee
- if you are using bad proxies to scrape, it's useless!
Getting leads? it's not worth it. But for scraping proxies, it's great.
Scrapebox is still a good tool to use because of its functions. It depends on what you want to do with the tool.
Yes Scrapebox continues to be a worthwhile investment due to its versatile and robust web scraping and SEO features.
been months since they answer in their sells thread any question...
Getting leads? it's not worth it. But for scraping proxies, it's great.

100% worth it. It's a swiss army knife of scrapers. I tend to use Python or Octoparse for scraping data these days, but without Scrapebox I wouldn't be able to get millions of links that I need scraped. I can setup a scraper in minutes to do a bunch of unique scrapes that would take too long in other tools.

I've been using scrapebox for 13 years now. I believed I paid $50 onetime (on 3 licenses now) and still getting updates regularly.
There are alternative lead generation and data extraction tools available that may offer more modern and ethical approaches to collecting leads and data. Some of these tools may also provide better compliance with current web scraping regulations.
Use regular update Scrapebox that will really helps your sites..
just bought it recently, and yes, absolutely

So many uses for it, check out YouTube for ideas.
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