Is Scrapebox really useful???


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Apr 19, 2011
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Hey guys! We are using scrapebox.. OK, but I think it is not useful :( because nobody approve our comments, akismet deletes our comments,
we can send comments to only auto approve blogs! but aa blogs has a lot of comments. google hates spam comments :( what can we do?

blog comments are mostly used for tier 2 (or even higher) to get them indexed.

You can use it for your money site aswell, but then filter out only the best links (high pr, .edu, .gov etc)

Dude.. SB has uses far beyond just posting on spammy links. In fact, that's the least work I do with it. It is the master scraper of the internet and nothing can beat it at providing information; shit move valuable than mere blog comments.
Yea, I agree with seoguru. I dont post blog comments for months anymore,but I use SB daily :)
It's tools are awesome, harvester, proxy checker.. duplicate remover etc
Scrapebox is just a tool. You still need to know how to use it properly for it to be effective.
Exactly. Scrapebox is indeed a great tool, but one has to have Ideas on how he/she is gonna use it.
You can't buy the best pipe-wrench on the market and expect to become the best plumber immediately.
You gotta have ideas and need for SB for it to be of use to you. ;)
Does a bear not never ever not forever not shit in the woods??

Use it to harvest high PR blogs and manually comment on them by either citing your site as a resource or as your website in the text area.
Even if you don't use scrapebox for posting blog comments its definitely worth the price because of all the other things it can do.
ScrapeBox is not only a spamming tool !
It's also an incredible software to analysis, manage and prepare a promotion operation or just examine your competitor.

i think sb is a nice tool to harvester, proxy checker.. duplicate remove and esc.but actually it's hard to approve our comments with sb and low success rate,any ideas?
scrapebox is not only comment poster. it's very usefull software if you can know control it :)
I beg to differ, drop 100k comments on your Tier1 links and see if it makes a difference. It doesn't matter if they are spammed or no follow. I pushed my rankings quite a bit. I would never us SB on my MS site but tier links bring it on.
it's useful for me to get other links indexed. That's the best way you can use it.

You can also check competitors links with it
If you have an aged domain you can blast your money site. If not, just blast your tiers so they can send more link juice to your money site.
Why do you post on Moderated Blogs. Use this tool to blast on Auto Approved sites. We know these sites are getting in to Spammed pages. Who cares :D Use these links to Buffer sites, Articles, Web profiles :D
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