Is Quidoo still working for Amazon money?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Feeder, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Apr 23, 2012
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    Hi, I made a whole heap of Squidoo lenses last year just to get ******** backlinks and never thought about them again. But I signed in the other day and found that I am at a high 'level' and heaps of my lenses are ranking well in Google and getting a lot of visits according to their stats. I have them all set to donate to charity because I thought that would help me stay under the radar while building backlinks. I am pretty good at writing SEO/sales/review articles and I'm wondering if it is worth making more lenses just to get the Amazon payouts? I can't be bothered trying to get websites ranked anymore, but I do like making money form SEO articles.

    Do they actually pay you 50% of the earnings from their Amazon modules? They talk about payments being added to the "lensmaster pool" which sounds like a shady way of saying that they only pay anything to their 'power users' - is this true, or can anybody get paid if somebody buys a product from the Amazon link on your Squidoo? Can you use your own Amazon affiliate links on Squidoo? Finally, is anybody here making money from Amazon + Squidoo?

    Thanks for any comments.
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    Squidoo never worked for me...but i am giving it another chance...after reading amazon cash clone 2 and adding some yahoo answers twists...gonna rock Amazon's brains out :)
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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Yes, you can use your Amazon affiliate links on Squidoo and to keep all profits. If you want to earn some pennies from their shit "ad pool"or get higher lens ranks, then it's better to share with them your work(not recommended.) I managed to make around $70 per month without any backlinking but right now their so called "spam filter" can drive you crazy. Even if your content is quality and unique on topic that's not banned they still refuse to publish the lens. I submitted many lenses for personal review but no answer. The support simply sucks. Well, if you want quality backlinks to your site then you can try, otherwise it is just waste of time. Squidoo was a paradise for all Internet marketers and it was built by Internet marketers. But right now just skip them and let them die. That's what they deserve.