is myspace strict on spamming(i have a spammer most done have...) add 20 * 900 a day

Discussion in 'Myspace' started by Medusaz, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    im not gonna into much detail but they left an old page hosted, which i found via google few months back and i'm sure it was made to deleted because the html on it is half ass done, anyway I found an exploit in the src to add more than 1 friend infact i can add up to 2k before I get rated but I do 900 ish a day, and usually make 20 accounts because it brings in enough money.

    but the thing that adds up adding 18k people, a day i don't want no legal trouble. i've heard of myspace calling you and etc, may be myths. do i have anything to worry about?

    also - i've been spamming dating websites, and webcams and making pretty hard bank but i want to try some real cpa, ringtones,acai, survey. what not. I have a problem getting approved I bought a site and what not. What should I put on it just for show to get approved?