Is my Wp Hacked?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by virtual.indiano, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Apr 24, 2011
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    I am pretty new in IM and for that matter pretty new on WP. I have a site which is 15 days old and today morning when I was searching google I came across this.

    Search term ""

    and when I did this I came across a page with a (-1) and the link was

    When I open the link it shows as a blank page with -1.

    Here are the list of plugins I am using:

    1) All in one Seo pack 2) Easy Privacy Policy 3) Exclude Pages 4) Share Daddy 5) Simple Ads Manager 6) Statspress Visitor 7) Yt Embed

    Does anyone know what is this? And if my site is hacked what should I do about it?
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    No, you're not hacked, son.
    No, I do not know what that file is, and No, I'm not going to do any research to find out.

    Yes, I am a programmer and I have experience with AJAX.

    that file is returning a value for a program running AJAX. Usually using AJAX you'll have one file that when one event is detected usually in javascript it executes a command to a different file which usually just sends back a small amount of data (like a TRUE or FALSE) and can tell the script what's going on. That's why all you're seeing is a -1.

    For 2, you sound like my grandmother with this "I'm hacked" shit. If you want to be someone in the tech world, learn our streat smarts, dude. I wouldn't hack your 15 day old wordpress site if it shat out gold, because G needs more time than that to catch on, heh.
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    Trust me you will know when your site has been hacked, most hackers leave a distinct calling card you can't miss it.