Is my response to my Penguin woes smart?

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    Hey everyone,

    SUMMARY: Is focusing on building brand equity of a site on sites that search engines appear to love (quora, google plus, facebook, pinterest) and that have huge traffic a better strategy than off site link building for a person who just got whacked by Penguin?

    Kind of new hear, more of a reader than a writer since I know so little about SEO. For the last 6 months I've taken the lazy route and just outsourced my SEO to a US based firm (spending $700/month). It worked perfectly and I was glad to not have to put any thought into.

    It took my site from not in the top 100 for any keywords (except our company name) and got it to the 1st page for a few keywords...

    And then Penguin happened, and we're back out... Not in top 100 for anything anymore.

    SEO has never been a real traffic source for me yet. Even ranking #9-#10 for keywords only produced very marginal traffic. I've read up a bit about what penguin was intended to do, and can see how my site got whacked. Seems like our SEO plan was the type of plan they designed Penguin to combat. Rather than trying to do more of what didn't seem to work. I sort of came up with this new plan. I am viewing it less as a "new SEO plan" and more as a "build brand equity" plan.

    My business is a webcam modeling business and it's quite successful at everything but SEO. Most traffic is coming from adwords, craigslist, facebook, and twitter.

    My plan is pretty simple.

    #1. Youtube. There is no acceptable resource on youtube for webcam modeling. Just searching our keywords in youtube makes me shutter form the results. So I had the idea of building a long series of high quality video's that actually provide useful content to webcam models, and prospective webcam models from someone with vast experience in the industry. Considering having Q&A's with some of my top models to share how they became successful, etc. All linking back to my main site of course.

    #2. Pinterest. Not sure how to implement it yet, but it's full of people (nothing on webcam modeling) and has a huge userbase of attractive girls.

    #3. Google +. Not sure how to incorporate this exactly yet, but I think it's a must right?

    And basically just other ideas along those lines. Instead of paying someone to build random links from all over. Spending my own time (or my employees time) to develop a valuable (to customers) presence on major social media sites. And instead of focusing on maximum SEO, focus on delivering awesome content.

    This seems to be what Google wants deep down. is it a smart play?

    Should it be a supplement to a continuing SEO investment even after losing our rankings? Or replace it entirely

    Is there anything problematic with using fiverr to buy social media hits like diggs, stumble upon likes, youtube views, etc?

    Thanks to anyone who trudged through this newbie report and has some insights.
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