Is my linking strategy right? Need your help!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bk071, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    Okay I've started a website in a relatively competitive niche for a pretty hard keyword.
    I've built some direct links to it already but I thinks its gonna be harder than that.

    Now I'm starting something you people call a link wheel...

    So here is my strategy for this: (I've kept this dead simple, no complication at all)

    I'm using 5 web2.0 sites i.e. Hubpages, Weebly, Tumblr, Wordpress and blogger.

    I take an article daily from EZA and spin it to approx. 70-75% uniqueness with TBS. I then take a new spun version for every web2.0 property. That is, one link wheel daily. I then blast all 5 URLs with SB to about 2000 AA blogs.

    Here is the linking pattern: (Right to left lol)
    Hubpages <<= Weebly <<= Tumblr <<= Wordpress <<= blogger
    And all sites link back to my money site too with anchor text as my primary keyword.

    So what do you guys think? Is this all right? Or should I alter it? Any suggestions?
    Should I keep creating such link wheels daily or just create two or three link wheels and just keep blasting them with SB?
    Is it okay to use the same 2000 AA blogs for backlinking the different web2.0 properties or should I got for a different list everyday?

    I'm pretty new to SEO especially these link wheels lol and hope to learn a lot from here guys :p

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    I get good results from simply creating 15 or more web 2.0 props, adding unique unspun content to each with 1 or 2 anchor text link/s direct to my money site.

    Add a link to an authority site in your niche and an RSS feed from google news for your keyword. Add a http link to 10% of them (1 for every 10).

    A few days later add another article to each prop, this can be spun if you like however, unspun would be better.

    Blast the shit out of them with SB and create feed and submit.