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Is my GSA setup good? I feel like it's not

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Gintas, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Gintas


    Nov 3, 2016
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    I feel like it's not, cuz my LPM is hella low.

    1. leader vps: E5-2670 2x2.6GHZ, 2GB RAM, SSD, 1GBPS, ~$6/month. Runs only GSA SER with it's captcha breaker (and dropbox). Runs only 1 campaign which submits to target sites from loopline's verified list and saves it's own verified list into Dropbox. GSA Threads set to 500, but it's usually ~100. LPM is ~15.

    2. follower vps: E3-1240 6x3.5GHZ, 4GB RAM, HDD, 1GBPS, ~$13/month. Runs only GSA SER with it's captcha breaker (and dropbox). Runs 5 campaigns that submit to target sites from leader vps's verified list on dropbox. Threads set to 500, at the moment it is 500 (cpu still ~50%), but LPM is only ~60 (!??!??!? wtf). Options allow to post on the same site again. All 5 campaigns set to auto export verified list to Dropbox, where 3rd vps picks it up and runs through GSA indexer, but it's not relevant now.

    Both vps's are on serverhosh. Both use total 10 proxies from proxy-hub.com (semi-dedicated). Both set to use these proxies only for submission. Both use 1 same catch-all email(important? not sure) from catchallboxes.com. Both have unticked "Submit backlink URLs to blog search engines", cuz all links pass through indexer on 3rd vps, so it's a waste of resources.

    Why is the damn LPM so low? I suspected it could be proxies, but I asked the support guy and he said each IP supports 100 threads (so total 10x100), but not sure how legit is that. And they are not for scraping, so I don't really need more of them.

    I noticed some campaigns get this important message, but I don't know how often it occurs and if it's even causing the slowdown. It could be failing in like 1/10000 logins, who knows.
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  2. Shaunm

    Shaunm Elite Member

    Mar 27, 2014
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    Good is a relative term as different people have different link requirements and goals for the toolset. If it is meeting your link requirements then you can class it as good I guess.

    Theres also way too many variables to take into account to give an answer as theres things you can tweak in both the tool and project settings that can be essential for your goals but effect performance. Additionally, those VPS' are very cheap so I would be curious as to how many VPS' are on those servers in total and what share of resources you are actually getting.
  3. aaron416

    aaron416 Registered Member

    Nov 13, 2010
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    You have to test, everybody's setup is different.
  4. SativaBuzz

    SativaBuzz Junior Member

    Aug 25, 2015
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    Smell the stash!
    I am kinda lazy atm but lets break each part.

    2GB Ram is not enough at alll. GSA SER can get up to 1.8gb and you need some more ram for your system //captcha breaker e4tc. And you running it on 500 threads ??? No way!

    Should be very low end vps. BTW 4gb is ok with that. Make sure to clean your list as well. And don't forget if you want big numbers you will have to spend big numbers /$$ . For me LPM 60 is pretty fair with your setup.

    10 proxies and not enough for 500 threads ..your proxies will burn..refuse in mins. 1:10 that's my best ratio. 1 proxy 10 threads. 10 proxies 100 threads. Not 500! BTW guess your VPSs sucks. Go with Solidseovps /Green cloud or grab a cheap dedicated from OVH and setup yourself.

    You have answered yourself one of your questions.

    Correct settings and good verified list is the key.

    Your last error message regarding email down. Catchalls down randomly (seospartans and all ) cause they use very cheap hosting. But who cares :) it still works... Don't worry about little things when you go with mass things ;)

    Good luck bro.
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  5. patco

    patco Regular Member

    Oct 19, 2014
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    It could be a problem with the list too! Not only proxies...