Is MOZ Outdated Now?

Do you still follow MOZ stats to choose sites for link building?

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MOZ is a great tool for beginners, even today. Its free DA/PA toolbar can be used by your VAs when shortlisting the websites using google search modifiers.

Also, I usually like to verify the authority of a domain by checking both DA and DR. If the score is similar, it gives a kind of assurance that the metrics are somewhat real. I know these can be easily gamed, but most of the time if they both are high (and similar), the site has been found to have decent backlinks)

The spam score can also be a good indicator to sometimes alert about link farms. Websites with little content who actively link out to low-DA websites surely have a higher spam score
It's never been relevant tbh except among newbies or SMBs who don't know what they're doing.
No doubt its a good tool but with the passage of time people have find out some techniques to defeat MOZ,so you can ask it not updated tool now.
is because they provide the most accurate information and because they being in the market for some time so they already have a reputation of quality and accuracy, other companies can also have really good things too is just about testing and find something that meet your needs.
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