Is MNS Adsense sites still doing what it expected to do

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    Since the day i joined the forum Micro Niche Site have all round my mind. After creating one site i failed due to the keyword research step done wrong by me. But i again started a new site with a good keyword but the problem which i am facing today is that the search volume of the keyword is 12,000 p/month with a very low difficulty but still after 5 months i wont able to rank it up for that keyword, But some keywords has gone to top 5 bringing in about 30 visitor per day from organic search. But earning still after 5 month is 0.39 $ total till now (i am shame on it).

    After reading this great article ( )i found that the guy mentioned that greater the volume the more time it takes to rank..

    So i am thinking starting a new MNS site as per as the given guide ... But want your suggestions.
    Is this still worth It..
    Is MNS site with Adsense work in this Authority Dominating era of google ?
    How many of you are still getting $$$ from MNS sites ?
    How many articles you have in your MNS sites ?
    And did purchasing links from here is OK to rank Or white hat services only ?

    Please give your experianced suggestions guys...