is MLSP legit?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nightclubpromo, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this -- but has anyone tried this? Anyone know if it's a scam?

    Not crazy about the MLM thing...thoughts?
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    It's an absolutely awesome training system for Network Marketers -- especially ones w/ little to no idea about internet marketing. Some of the stuff is the same stuff you'll find throughout BHW. -- It works best as an attraction marketing method, IE you contact network marketers, ask them about their business, how it's going, are they making money, if they're not successful 'yet', they're a golden prospect - you turn it around and say something like :

    You're opportunity sounds great, I'm not sure it'd be the right fit for me, I'm already making 10k a month with XYZ, BUT have you ever heard of attraction marketing ? It sounds like it might be something up your alley, it's a method to get people and leads flocking to you instead of having to cold-call, and kill your warm market. I can get you into our attraction marketing mastermind group if you'd like there's a small monthly fee, but you can actually make some good money off of it + everybody in your team NEEDs this training system, trust me our whole team has exploded since learning about this system. Blah blah blah... something like that...

    A lot of the people that network marketers talk to ARE in fact network marketers and some are either burned out OR already taken BUT that doesn't mean you still can't make money off them, find their Pain point, and relieve that pain -- which for most distributors it's cold-calling / finding prospects.

    Disclaimer: I'm obviously in MLSP, only been in it a few weeks now, and have already been successful with it. PM me if you have more questions.
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    I have heard great things about MLSP and I had a great one to one with someone who has experience and suddenly has a a good formula PRIMARY > TOOL BOX for internet marketing: this wee I make my decision on my final combination.
    So my question to the the original post requester [nightclubpromo] -did you get on, to the one who wrote the positive MLSP response [tabims] - HOW is it working for you - please give some indications?

    Cheers, GOBEDU!
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    Mmm... Sounds too....well you should know the rest. : (