Is it worth it to provide SEO Audit services


Aug 1, 2023
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I want to get into SEO Audits, have already worked on some sites and have some experience in auditing sites (specifically niche sites (affiliate, blogging, etc).

Now I plan to start providing services but idk which platform's the best to get clients.

Secondly, I need some tips from those already providing SEO Audit services.

And is it worth it to provide this service, considering that I won't be fixing the issues.

is it worth it to provide this service, considering that I won't be fixing the issues
It's really worth starting an SEO auditing service if you know who your target customers are. You can earn a lot of money from your customers, but you need to find the right customers who won't hesitate to spend a few hundred dollars on just audits.

There are people, on the other hand, who want 100 backlinks for $100. They will never want to pay for just auditing. So, learn how to market your service to the right people for maximum gain with minimum effort.
Most people who know what seo audit is tend to know screaming frog, semrush that can do some of it for free. So you are left with very small pool of people who want it get it from audit service provide.
It´s a very competitive niche for sure and for you to stand out your auditing abilities must be off the chart. Unless you´re an expert on marketing :D :p

Why do I believe is a very competitive niche?

There are tons of auditing tools on the market that can provide an in-depth and comprehensive audit of a website. One of my favorites is Sitebulb.


It takes into account over 300+ variables!

And it´s "only" $35 per month!

So, unless you believe you can provide more value for the money I highly recommend you learn how to properly market your services.
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