Is it worth it - Promote your link with 2500000 people On Facebook for $5

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    Hi. I'm new to internet/social media marketing , and I have a few questions about an ad I saw on Fiverr:

    "I will promote your link with 2500000 people On Facebook for $5"

    In the ad: "I will promote your link in front of 2500000 Eyes On Facebook."
    Whose eyes? What exactly does that mean? Seems a little vague. Does anyone know?

    "I'm a girl So naturally posts I make get massive attention.!"
    What does that mean? Do they post a sexy or provocative picture with my link?

    This person also has a couple other ads. What's the difference from this service and the two other ads:

    "I will do Facebook promotion with 25 Million People for $5"

    "I will spread Your Content with 75 Million People for $5"

    Are these all the same? Can't be. Why wouldn't I buy the $5 for 75 million people, and none of the others? 75 million for $5 bucks is the best deal, isn't it, if they're all the same?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.
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