Is it worth it creating a GPT website?


Dec 17, 2011
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Same as the title of this post, Is it worth it if i were to create a GPT website?... how much on average does the owner make?
It was worth creating in 2003-2006 now the model is dead. Advertisers hate incentive offers and besides every third member will try to cheat you and every forth advertiser will shave your profits. So I would go some other venture. I ran GPT for 2 years and eventually got sick of dealing with bullshit from scammers and scamming advertisers
A guy who does some freelance work for me started one three months ago. He spends a ridiculous amount of time managing it only to make less than $80 per month. Recycling cans would be more profitable.
I was planning to start it also but after research i find out it was not worth it. Spend you money on something else
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