Is it still possible to get an EPN account and if so how?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by BusinessMachine, Apr 27, 2010.

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    Just as the title states.

    Has anyone recently been accepted?

    If so please pm me some pointers, thanks!
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    Just google ebay partner network. The first result is the page you need, just click on apply now. Just make sure all the stuff you fill out looks really whitehat and you shouldn't have any problems getting accepted.
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    Mar 22, 2010
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    Any way you could zonk me out and make me think I'
    i have or had one, I forget if i made any money much money from it.

    I used to buy new mac G4s cash at authorized resellers that would give 10% discount to pay cash (goes against apple's minimum sell price contract) instead of the stupid mail-in rebates or free printer/other junk that normally would have a retail value of less than the discount they gave me. won't say who cause some of them still have their license, but they have popular websites, and popular mac magazines. Max out the Ram and Hdd (cheaper non apple parts) and list them, made $100-1000 profit per machine.

    After I was doing it for a year I got a lot more competition, some of the distributors i used lost their rights, (they were within 1hr drive and knew me well). Also had a NY distributor that had a member only section in their online store that would give much better prices. Then one month all my sales went to Nigerians (or possibly my competitors) They gave me bad credit card after bad credit card (i used my dad's merchant acct, only had to pay the fees his merchant charged him) I was young and wasn't sure what to do other than not ship 20 computers to someone that wanted me to ship first, then get paid. or ship 1 first, get paid, then ship 20 then get paid. I thought about shipping some bricks, wish I had thought of telling them I'd give them a free computer but they had to pay shipping, and ship some brix)

    I gave up on it, forgot my account. I've made a new acct a wile ago, and forget if I signed up for epn again. Id check the bottom of the page for affiiates. the link isnt working for me right now. I bet itll work again in a few min or hrs