is it smart to start a blogger with a already existing website ?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by lazboarder, May 12, 2012.

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    im noob (still) ,but my question is could i makin good or some cash if i upload some content to blogger,with an already existing website that i NOT own.the website i running now like 2 or 3 months.somebody did a blogger end he ranked up like a m...fucker without f...cking content,thats pissesd me off,thats why i now asking al the info is welcome.

    english at my best :D
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    Using unique content that's very important for traffic.
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    unique content>more traffic> more cash
    If you duplicate stuffs,you wont gain any
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    Yes yes yes ! Content is king.

    And might I add that blogger is really ugly when it comes to themes.

    Blogger is more friendly user then Wordpress - fact ...

    But If I had the choice between Blogger or Wordpress, I'd definitively go for Wordpress! ... wich is what I actually use.

    You don't need a website if you host your blogs ... Blogs are just fine!

    Lazboarder, If you want to add quick content, I suggest you

    1 - Type in your keyword in Google
    2 - Open the first 7 to 10 results
    3 - Simply copy/paste 1 paragraph per page you selected in a notepad.
    4 - Replace some words, add or remove words to change it a bit.
    5 - Do a bit of seo ( Don't kill yourself doing it ... You'll eventually rank in places )
    6 - Copy your unique content article in your blog
    7 - Publish

    It should take you 1/2 hour to assemble a 500 word article.

    How to make a bit of money at the - beginning - :

    1 - Use adsense ppc ads or Chikita in the left part of your article. The size 336 x 280.
    2 - Use paid or free plugins that could make you money such as Amazon or ClickBank.
    3 - Make sure you use companies that you are 100% positive that will pay you. Search BHW, you'll find plenty.

    How to get free - starter - traffic:

    Social media traffic:

    Use the same e-mails you use for the domains you own.

    1 - For each blog you make, use a Google+ page intitled like your blog domain name...

    When you open your account for the first time, add 60-100 people.

    I don't really take care of it since people seem to add up by themselves over time.

    Just post your related articles on it.

    Use a plugin in your blog, linking it to your Google page but most themes already have a built-in pluging for this. So just fill-in the blanks.

    2 - For each blog you make, use a Twitter page intitled like your blog domain name.

    I suggest you find people using a targetted strategy.

    Ex: If you're in the shoe business and you want to sell shoes, you'll want to do a search like: buy shoes.

    From there, you will take the first result that pops and start adding their followers.Add 25 people a day per account.

    Always follow someone's followers because they like to "Follow"!

    Use a plugin in your blog, linking it to Twitter and from Twitter, add your blog related links.

    3 - For each blog you make, create a Facebook fan "LIKE" page intitled like your blog's domain name.

    Use a plugin in your blog, linking to the page.

    Add your realted article links in the "Like" page.

    Youtube traffic:

    1 - For each blog, create a Youtube page with the same name as your domain.

    Use a bulk messaging software where you will pre-write a message database linking to a specific page.

    These softwares will also add people for you at the push of a button based on search criterias you define.

    2 - Make videos and add a link to a page of your blog in the Youtube description box that shows below the videos you make.

    TIP: I use news reports that I record with Camstasia free edition and I post them on Youtube.

    With that said, do not monetize these videos with Adsense because you don't hold the rights to them.

    Blog traffic:

    1 - Use Google Alerts & add some till you get at least 100 alerts a day in the niche you're working.

    2 - Comment those blogs or forums as you will be among the first to write in their threads or posts.

    This will bring you quality traffic based on your search criterias.


    Just a few weeks ago, I was not making a dime and I've been trying for a year.

    Now I'm making 1$/day per blog using what I recently learned & shared with you.

    My blogs have between 5 - 10 articles to start with and once I own 100 blogs, I'll just keep adding articles to maintain my blogs.

    This will allow me to reach a 3000$/month average!

    I also keep in mind that my articles will gain popularity in search engines bringing more and more traffic as the years will go buy.

    Dunno if it helped you but this is what I know about blogging.

    Mike a.k.a. Mister-e
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    Very nicely laid out and broken down - cheers :)
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