Is it safe to abuse free credit Eleven Labs for Youtube Monetization?


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Nov 15, 2022
I mean, you can easily abuse their free trial and download their audios. Same applies for other similar alternatives like WellSaidLabs, etc.

Has anyone here received a copyright strike due to using their voices without paying for it?
The point is that they obviously only allow commercial usage for content that you paid for. Free credits wouldn't have a commercial license applied.


- YouTube won't know if you used a free or paid account to generate that voice.

- The only risk is that ElevenLabs is conducting a whole search through Youtube to find channels that are using their voices, then manually checking if those specific channels are abusing their free credits or not. And then finally, report your channel. I'm not sure if they use a digital watermark for their free audio files to prove that the audio that you have used is not under commercial usage protection because you didn't pay for it.

So, in general, it seems highly unlikely to have problems with that. As far as I know,.
I suggest you check whether they copyright the videos and whether you have the right to use them.
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