is it possible to win multiple paypal dispute

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    i was late on one of my web development project just 9 hours late i woke up this morning just to find out my greedy customer did a charge back on both two paypal account he used in making payment i already did all the work and he also had access to the project so far he didnt change password or anything but his action is clearly saying i dont deserve a penny for my work because i was 9 hours late just had a talk to him and he said i was late luckly i clearly stated on my website TOS some orders will need to have and extended 24-32 hours due to nature of project size and believe me his project is hudge i now have big two paypal dispute but with two different account is it possible to win them all?
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    You can fight the chargeback and escalate the issue to paypal and send them all the information, make sure you have screenshot it and save it somewhere and show paypal the link for the screenshot
    the more information you can provide, the best chance you can win the case. Good luck