Is it possible to start a legit online service business, with no knowlage, using only softwaretools?

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    I got the idea from copax's method, which revolves around fishing for web vulnerabilities, which you then suggest fixing for a price. And that's an awesome method, but I was thinking if it's possible to go even longer with it and create a real business (self employed) with the same idea. I'm not sure if it's really realistic tho. That's why i ask you people here, who know your way around things.

    I have come to the conclusion that I wanna start out my make-money-online quest with some kind of service providing. I know a tiny bit about a lot of stuff. Like coding, seo, pen-testing, website building, tech, psychology, ect. But I'm far from good at anything (except math and music maybe, but that doesn't help much). I guess I'm decent at learning new things though. And that leads me to this:

    Lets say I wanted to start an online company. And presume that I'm not a total meat head =).

    The company provides some kind of service (for which you would usually need expertise). But only I only use tools for the job, without actually knowing much about it (and learn on the way).

    What would be some good examples of services I could provide (semi-) legit, with cheap/pirated/free software?

    For example: Internet/computersecurity.cctld - Providing websecurity for clients.
    And the gimmick here is that i don't know much about it, but i learn how to use tools and provide a decent, somewhat legit work.

    Or maybe seo-related (but that's hard with only tools right? Specially on low budget)?

    Other stuff i was thinking was maybe some form of digital marketing for local companies, or some kind of free software with donation focus.

    I'm sure there are tons of good ideas, and i guess it all depends on the person. But what would you guys suggest for a newbie to start with?

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