Is It Possible to Make A lot Of Money With Reprint Articles?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dizen, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I am going to create an article directory from scratch and will use software to auto scrape thousands of articles from Ezine and GoArticles,etc.

    I have 2 strong PR 5 sites and dozens of PR 2-4 sites in my network of sites. I think I can make the new article directory to have PR 4 in the next Google PR update by simply linking to it from my network of sites.

    Can the articles on the new article directory site rank well and get a lot of traffic? Is it realistic to expect 1000 unique visitors daily after three months?

    Can it compete with older PR 2-3 article directories in term of traffic from search engine referrals?

    Google won't penalize a new article directory site that is 100% full with thousands reprint articles from day #1, don't they?

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    Living With Articles!!
    Dont know about the other things, but this scraping from ezine and goarticles will not work.. Ezine ban automated methods, seems goarticles also...

    I done that earlier, ezine banned me for for a while..
    If you need articles, go to and use their plugins.. but you get articles that also goes to other thousands of sites...