Is it possible to let WP visitors subscribe to more categories at once?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by aspe_heat, May 27, 2014.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am looking to improve my subscription/mailing system on my website, but I have some problems. I find MailChimp + Optin Monster as an almost-perfect combo, but I have some issues with it. Basically, I have a sports website and there are 30 teams. What Optin Monster allows me with its popup is that I allow visitors to subscribe to one mailing list (which is on my MailChimp account). So for example if I create a Miami Heat popup, it will appear only on Miami Heat category posts and will send subscribers to Miami Heat mailing list.

    The articles on my website usually belong to two categories. So if Miami Heat plays against the Indiana Pacers, I put the article in both categories, logically. Then when visitors visit the website, my popup doesn't show as it only shows on Miami Heat posts, exclusively. If I select it to be shown on Indiana Pacers category posts, it will be shown for both Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers posts and I don't want it.

    What I need is the following...

    A popup which says something like "Enjoy reading the content on our website? Select your favorite teams, enter your e-mail and receive weekly updates!"

    There would be a list of 30 teams and users would be allowed to select more of them and when they enter their e-mail, they would be automatically added to my Mail Chimp mailing lists for the teams they selected.

    Is there such a plugin? If not, is there any way to create it?
    If you can create it, PM me with your price.

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    Chimpy plugin allows you to select multiple groups when you subscribe.