Is it possible for my competitor hide my pages from google eyes (as de-index)?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blackwarriormonster, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Hi my dear friends,
    I have submit a thread just now, this is the second one, the case is:

    All the 3 main subcategories of my site, which have ranked to the 1st page, when i search in google by the their url, the page nowhere in the google result, normally it should be the 1st one in google result. But my main site and many of the 3rd tier subcategories all still indexed by google.

    Is is a very strange thing? More strange is when I search by one of my 3 tier category page url (high competition keyword in the page title) in google, the fist result link, when i clicked it, it jump to my competitor's site, and I tried about 3-4 times, all jumped to my competitor site, but finally it will not jump.

    So my friends, Is it possible for my competitor to attack my site pages, and hide them from google eyes? Or hack the pages to their site? Since it seems all my main categories are not index by google now. :(

    If so, can I recover the pages which de-indexed? Is there any way to solve it?:( I've worked hard and tried my best to rank my site for about 5 months, the 3 categories pages have ranked to to the top page of google, but now nowhere, since the pages are not indexed now:(, HELP!!!

    Any kind friends could HELP me?:(