Is it possibile to get page ranking 1 within 1month!!!


Oct 8, 2012
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We want our web page on ranking 1 in searching engine. we dont find actual seo expert. It is tough to find who is honest.
LOL, couldn't have posted a better response myself!
Yes you can get in 1-1.5 month to 1 page but not 1 position ! Depends how big competition ! Concentrates on quality not quantity and you have to know what are you doing with back links, kyw density, anchors and etc ! On google you can not relay it is like women with red days!
depends on your keywords, howmuch competition you have, your backlinks, age of your domain and website, page rank, authority, onpage SEO, etcetc.

mind telling us a little bit more?
The direct answer to your question is yes.

As a comment no decent SEO company or expert will gurantee that before see your kw and website and also after this is very difficult to guarantee that.

I also think that before posting this thread you could take your time and read this forum.

You join today and you also post it today....
Yes, but it depends on a number of factors like keywords, your domain age, competition etc...
Go through the BST place and look for trusted members...

Sites should get traffic > go for press release (see sig)

Site should get strong and diverse and niche specific Backlinks for ranking (Again see sig !! )
> Wiki links
> Article marketing package
> pdf links
> comments
and much more....
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