Is it ok, to pay people to register under me ?


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Nov 5, 2009
Hey guys.
I ve been collecting freebies referrals lately, and I need few more to get enough for Iphone.
Since I want to do it as soon as possbile I am willig to pay few bucks(5) to register under my affiliate link.
I asked freebies if that is allowed, and they said it is ok with them as long as I dont tell which offer to select(most of people decide for free trial anyways :).
So I wonder can I make a thread here and ask people to join under my affiliate link? Will I brake any TOS of BHW???

Im not sure, I think you break the rules if you force the link, but if you ask for it... well, simply dont know, Im going to read the rules again.
8 ? Prohibited Activities ? The following activities are no longer allowed on this forum and will result in a ban.

* CPA offer filling circles

* Paying to have CPA or Affiliate offers filled
Which I would guess is the same thing.
Not to mention it will destroy any credibility you ever hope to gain on this forum.
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