Is it me or does Amazon PPC marketing to promote books REALLY SUCK

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    I don't know whether I am doing something wrong but it seems advertising over Amazon's PPC marketing is really a non-event that doesn't achieve all that much. I had high expectations from marketing my eBook/paperback over Amazon's internal advertising network and I thought marketing at the source of where the majority of my readers buy the books in the first place was a smart move. Boy I was wrong. I initially set a budget for $100 at 40 cents a click (they recommended a PPC of between 32 cents to 46 cents per click), then I created a more specific product marketing campaign by choosing 50 of the most relevant bestselling competitor books in my niche.


    No clicks, no nothing, just 1000 ad impressions the whole first day. I guess it was people just viewing the books they actually wanted to buy and weren't really that interested in anything else. I looked through all my potential targeted books I was advertising on, and realized my ads weren't even being shown!

    So I decided to increase my budget to 60 cents a click hoping to outbid the market in case my ads were just being swallowed up by competition. I increased my potential targeted product books to 75 and increased my budget to $300 over 7 days hoping to make a killing.


    Still nothing.

    I had over 5000 impressions with 18 clicks and no buys. No conversions with customers at the place where they actually buy my books!

    My book has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 430 reviews. I targeted specific products and competitive books in my niche. The ads either just weren't being displayed or customers just weren't clicking on them. I set a budget and it was not even close to being met-- only spending $6.85 over 4 days instead of my target of $42 per day ($300 / 7 days). I actually wanted to spend money and I couldn't, there were just so few people clicking on the ads.

    I decided to research a few blogs and forums and realized others were experiencing something similar. The placement of internal ads just was not effective at all.

    What are your experiences with Amazon Marketing?
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