Is it leggit to reuse phone numbers?


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Oct 22, 2014
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Hey guys,

I found some information about users who reuse the phone number for all their accounts by deleting them after the usage.

Is this safe? I could imagine that twitter saves it somewhere to link your accounts together.

Edit: Found this thread shortly after but I would still like some oppinions.
I've used the same number for 3 separate accounts with no trouble?
Yes, I have also used it with 2 accounts with no problems
I don't know the limit of 1 phone number per accounts, but I used it with no issues on 3 accounts...
I also have also used it with 5 accounts with, no any problems.........
Thank you for the responses. Anyone tried to unlock multiple accounts with the same number one after the other?
legit - means to be legal, there's nothing illegal about this, it depends on the policy of each platform, but even if you do it and they don't want you it's till not illegal..

as for twiiter, yes, you can do it, though make sure there are no other footprints and you don't do too many accounts .. and i'd only do it for my throwaway/secondary accounts.
Be sure , it's completely save.I'm using the same number for 2 separate accounts.
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