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Is it just me, or does Myspace Ads not let you run a profitable campaign? (RANT)

Discussion in 'CPA' started by _unknown_, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. _unknown_

    _unknown_ Junior Member

    Dec 17, 2008
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    Last page of Google
    So after quitting IM a few times over the course of a year, I decided to give it another shot in my free time that I have away from my slave job. When I got accepted by COPEAC I was more than ecstatic, and I thought "how friggin hard could it be to get people to sign up for a free trial, etc.?"

    I know this from experience.

    I created landing pages to promote the (LOL* @ CLICKBANK) offers via email submits and had a email submit rate of around 60% until I checked my stats and I'm running *0:1,257 conversions.

    But it seems that EVERY F&*)$(*@ thing in life that is worth something isn't easy.................................AT ALL...

    Thats how I KNOW CPA is gonna be my success!

    I canceled my adwords account because I was getting a quality score of 2/10, and my cousin would use the same ad copy, same url, and same keywords, only to find that he was getting a quality score of 8/10. (our accounts where created the same week)

    Thats when Myspace came in to play.

    I figure since I got a good CPA network, I could just set and forget...


    I've tried virtually every single offer I could think of that would make some good cash, and every single offer was "not accepted" because Myspace isn't "accepting this type of offer until further notice"

    Sooo...they gonna F*()$%@ email me when they do?

    Yeah, didn't think so.

    But I did get one campaign that I thought was gonna be profitable to fly through the cracks.... after 24 hours and an estimated 1,200,000 impressions later, I only get 967 Impressions with 0 clicks --> and that number hasn't increased for over 12 hours!!

    I am literally starting to think that they are working 5 hours a day overtime to stop me from getting WH email submits. Just think of them sitting there, thinking, sweating, contemplating how to stop me..

    I dont get it...

    Is anyone making ANY progress with Myspace/Facebook PPC??
  2. simo

    simo Junior Member

    Aug 11, 2008
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    did you test your offer to make sure it is working first- some copeac vendors are notoriously dodgy