Is it in our best interest to mail from a different domain?

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    Currently, we do regular mailings of 500-700 targeted cold prospective clients daily. We use various transactional email services to get our messages out. We typically receive 1-3 spam complaints and 8-15 unsubscribes per mailing.

    Each email sent has 2-3 obfuscated tracking backlinks to a landing page on our main domain and the reply address uses our main domain as well.

    I am concerned about the possibility of having our main domain blacklisted. This concern could be unwarranted but I could not find any hard data on how many complaints it takes to get blacklisted.

    Some questions.
    What is the likely hood of domain blacklisting based on the figures I provided above?
    On average how many complaints does it take to get a domain blacklisted?
    Do the spam services follow links in the emails or only use the sent from and reply to urls?

    Should I change my reply to email to a different domain?
    Do I need to/should I host the landing pages on a different domain?

    Or am I overthinking this?
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    blacklisting happens to squeaky clean white hat businesses too... You have to put in the effort to get off the blacklist and show that you are behaving with good faith effort. The blacklists are by IP address. The only time domain comes into play is the branding and what your recipients think of that brand. The email blacklists are all IP based. Your list is so small and the amount of complaints is so small that if you honor unsubscribes and demonstrate an opt-in policy going forward you should be ok even using 3rd party services like mailchimp. Getting blacklisted often has more to do with a lack of known history for your email IP address and the volume of complaints on a given day. Going through a 3rd party that manages all of that largely eliminates the blacklist threat, but you do have to be in good standing to continue uses those services.

    Here are some tools for checking the blacklists