Is It Going to Hurt Me Being Linked By the Same Content?


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Jun 25, 2015

As my website is starting to gain authority and rankings, more and more blogs are copying my articles a word by word and linking back to me.

Should I disavow these links? Can they hurt my rankings?

Thank you.
Why would they hurt?

Ultimately it could well depend on the quality of the sites that are linking in to you, but I don't see anything to be worried about here. It sounds like the links are perfectly natural, and are basically just a consequence of being successful in your niche.

If they are linking to you then you're essentially getting a credit for creating the content. Presumably most of these are sites in the same, or a similar and relevant niche if they are using your content.

If you're worried about the quality of some of the linking sites then make a note of them and if you see any serious decrease in rankings or large drop in traffic you could disavow down the line, but I certainly wouldn't do anything rash at the moment.
Most of these sites look like they are created for the sole purpose of earning money; they are full of ads.

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dont worry about it, it will not hurt your website if they copy content from you because they have gave you credit. It can help you boost your site because you are the source. Yes, It is duplicate content.... and duplicate content is a long story conversation
When I was young:D, among orher things I used to run a political blog on blogger.
The blog was in Greek language and I didnt care about seo, as It is very difficult (and useless to me) to rank for a political thesis in google.

The content of this blog was 70% original, written by me, with some reposting from good sources with similar political views,with no junk posts.

What I did to promote it was email marketing (or spamming if you preffer) to spread my ideas to other bloggers.

This led my articles being copied and recopied again and again from various political blogs, some of them with high authority, some being completely trush, some linking back to me, most of them not linking at all, trying to present articles as their own. (In many cases, when a very strong blog reposted the article, stealed it and my blog did not get in google even when I wss searching a very unique post title I wrote) .

In terms of seo, today this blog has a PA of 53 (and blogspot's DA) and the reposting thing seems to add authority on the blog and not reducing it.

After this, I often use email marketing targeting bliggers for other websites I want to promote, and everything seems to go well both in terms of visibility and seo.

So I agree with the above members, dont be afraid of seeing your posts on other websites.
No need to worry. I asked this same question in a google search seminar and they said they have algorithm to track what is the original source of the content and even the links you are getting from other websites will not hurt you ...
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