Is it doable to make an instagram poster bot? i tried but got stuck...

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    Jan 20, 2016
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    I tried when I first began programming and got stuck since you need to do alot of messing around with finding the requests. 6 months later I know alot more and am thinking of trying again.

    I have heard from alot of people it is really hard though.

    I am told I need to sniff the auth requests packets etc but some have said even if you do do that it is still going to be tough if possible at all.

    They changed something because there was a free python script that used to work but its broken now and as soon as i ran it with an account of mine it got locked.

    Can anyone offer more info on whether it is a faesible task? I dont want to waste my time on a wild goose chase since I need money asap so dont want to be crashing into dead ends. I gotta spend my time coding whatever offers the highest chances of success.

    Wasted alot of time on pinterest a month or so ago remaking my bots over like 3 weeks only to find out they have some super ninja anti spam in place which made any move i made get instantly suspended after a couple of clicks. Rather than the usual deal of there being only a few predictable spam patterns their algorithm looks for, pinterest seems to have a learning system which will ban ANY accounts showing ANY kind of repetitive behavior.
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