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    I run an adult video site (mixed stuff - something of everything) and get around 1.5k hits per day but is growing steadily.
    Top countres - tier 1 (US, UK, CA etc) most of it organic through Google but nothing is converting other than mobile redirect traffic at Juicy ads (and that bubble will burst soon when Google cotton on).
    Bounce rate of 22% averaging 2 - 3 page views per visit which I don't think is too bad for a new site.

    I've had a one AFF sign ups and that same member re-billed since putting the site online but despite my ads being clicked, they're just not converting.
    I'm wondering if it's better just to promote one thing rather than several?

    Right now I mostly promote AFF and CrakRevenue offers with Juicy Ads here and there.
    Ive sent 2000 visitors to crakrevenue via various means and not a single sign up :/
    I've sent over 15,000 referals to AFF with only that one sign up and a rebill of teh same member and again that's only slightly made better by the fact their percentage program does pay reasonably well.

    Is all my traffic just 5hit? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I'm spreading my audience too thinly over too many different offers / promotions? Or are the things I'm promoting done to death?
    Could do with some strategy advice here please if anyone has any....

    Surely I should be seeing better conversions that 1:15000?

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    Hey Perv,

    I'd be happy to take a look at your site to see how you're promoting our ads. What % of your traffic is mobile?

    Are you on Skype? Please add Crak_Eric if so. You can also let us know the URL of your site via PM.

    Talk soon!