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    Quick question.
    In regards to keyword optimization.

    I'm going to use a fictitious example to demonstrate my point.

    I have a web-site that issues office supplies. Let's say I want to run an online marketing campaign that specifically targets staplers in New York City.

    Would it benefit me more if i ran the campaign linking to the main page officesupplies dt cm or officesupplies dt cm/NYCstapler which is the page specifically about the staplers In the new york city area.

    The reason I ask this is I have a web-site with about 8 or so niches in about 3 areas.

    So I'm going to run a campaign like this:

    officesupplies dt cm/NYCstapler
    officesupplies dt cm/Jerseystapler
    officesupplies dt cm/Pennsylvaniastapler

    officesupplies dt cm/scotchtapeNYC
    officesupplies dt cm/scotchtapejersey
    officesupplies dt cm/scotchtapepennyslvania

    Does it make sense what I am doing or should I be going about this in a different way? My actual keyword is competitive and I want to be able to have a name in these three regions, NYC/Jersey/Pennsylvania
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