Is it better to get a partner to start and adult site or just use a white label?

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    Mar 11, 2013
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    I own a few businesses
    I bought a site a while back (cumnme) as a joke, but a couple friends said with that name I could really make a lot of money. When I made a fake porn page it was a gag one and we got a lot of hits. But I wandering this.

    1) Is it hard to find good partners who have the money to do something like this?
    2) With it not really being a known website would anyone want to be in business by name alone?
    3) Would it be more lucrative just to go with a white label site to build like webcams or videos or something.

    My thing is I would love to make money on this site! But not really that websavvy. I have limited funds so which would be easier and if whitelebel is better which one is the best? Thanks for anyhelp in advance!