Is it better to create authority or niche sites?


Jan 27, 2013
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I think that authority sites that have hundreds of posts would have more traffic in long term, but would take longer to get going.

While for niche sites I think you'd see results faster but it would be harder to scale the traffic.

Anyone else have an option of this?

Is it best to just concentrate on niche or authority sites, or is it better to have a variety of them in your portfolio?

What would be easier to manage, scale and eventually be more profitable in the long term?

Interested to hear your point of view.


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Oct 25, 2015
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A niche site can be an authority site. It doesn't have to cover a broad niche to be an authority site.
It doesn't need to have hundreds of posts to be an authority site, hell, I have an authority site with 32 posts, it covers it's niche completely, and is often cited in forums as a resource and has even been cited by 2 college papers(that I know of) on the niche.

Now, with that personal interpretation out of the way.

I personally build a niche site, and keep them just open enough to expand, I don't use EMDs, so that if it takes off with 5-10-15 posts and some quick backlinks, I start scaling it up. If it fails, I examine it and figure out what I did wrong and try a new angle, or scrap the project.
I diversify my portfolio by keeping my niches diverse and my monetization methods varied. I may do one site all with Amazon affiliate, then o E site with just ads, and currently am building an authority site up with affiliate offers, Amazon offers, and eventually my own physical products.