Is it better to build links to or


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Feb 15, 2009
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Does it make much difference which one you create backlinks for?

I was reading that if you do the 301 permanently moved redirect to forward the one with www to the one without or vice versa - that you lose the link juice for the one being forwarded.

So if you were building all your backlinks to but you have it set up to 301 redirect to - that now you have lost all your linkjuice that you created from those backlinks.

Does anyone know the best way of setting this all up from the start?

Yes, it does matter. They are different URLs and can have different PR.

You should pick one, the www one, and build links to that one. That's going to be the url that others use to point links to your site. It's best you stay in sync with them to maximize your PR potential.
If you already have several backlinks going to, then its probably better to stick with that one right? And redirect to it? Or is it always better to use www?

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