Is it a bad idea to add T2 blogs to Webmaster Tools?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Oukast, Oct 14, 2012.

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    While the title explains it quite thoroughly, let me explain a bit more:

    I have my money site listed on Google Webmaster Tools, and I've just opened couple self-hosted (separate server than the money site) blogs that I will populate with 100% handwritten, informative content and I'm quite sure they'll rank in the target country high very easily (done that already with couple free blogspot/wp ones without any real effort). However, I'd still like to get the insight of GWT, but is it a bad idea to link them to my account, as I will be linking from those blogs to my money site?

    I'd think Google would sum up 1+1 and see the ultimate point of those blogs, even though I have put some links/articles to other sites in the same niche (although "ranked" lower in terms of visibility on my blog)...

    What are other tools to make use of if I can't use GWT?
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    Well, if you are going to link Webmaster tools then you might as well tell Google these Web 2.0s are yours.

    Fact: There is nothing wrong with having an external or multiple external Web 2.0s you operate linking to your website.
    Fact: This is merely an extension of PR
    Fact: Using rel="me", rel="author" tags are what Google want you to do. Think of this as a Tier 0 if you will, merely the extension of your websites web presence.

    You can have a Squidoo, Blogspot, Wordpress, Tripod, Multiply, Tumblr all linking to your Money site without real consequences if you give Google an *intentional* footprint. Doesn't hurt link value and can even be used as a link wheel strategy because it is an organic use case (ie: I recently blogged about red widgets on my Blogspot but I thought I'd bring my thoughts here to my Wordpress followers)

    I write a semi-guide to this on this post:

    Now, if these are Contextual Web 2.0s that operate outside of the existence of your website (ie: General Blog on red widgets), then it would probably be a bad idea.