Is hostgator reseller account good for serps


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Nov 10, 2009
I was thinking about getting a hostgator reseller account for my websites. My sites are all somewhat related and I was wondering if the reseller account would be a good idea as far as getting serps. Would the reseller account give all websites same IP and cause harm to my serp ratings for the various sites.
Yes the reseller account will give all your sites the same IP. Unless you are linking your sites together it does not really matter and will not affect your serps. Most of those servers have hundreds or thousands of sites all on the same server sharing just a few IP's This is not an issue unless you are trying to use some of the sites to boost others.
Buy dedicated IP for every account. VPS is a good option too, but you need to know about server config and optimization.
I'm running a pair of hostgator WHM accounts. Have been fairly good to me

You get a few different IPs (5 or 6 maybe?) to use in the WHM accounts.

As well, if you're running a shared plan (like the baby or whatever) any extra domains are actually in subfolders with a domain redirect. I think google can see this. In a WHM account, it actually looks like each domain is it's own "entity"

If you're going to make a blog farm, the different IPs aren't enough - they're on the same c block and the nameservers are the same

However, if you're thinking long term, whenenver you need more bandwidth / space you can just open a different WHM account somewhere else. I'm currently running a few different WHM accounts on different hosting providers, has been pretty good at burying my blog farms.

Only small complaint is that every now and then a project of mine gets put on hold because of hogging the server. I think it has to do with how much crap everyone else is also throwing at the server, but when they get busy, they basically just clamp down on the accounts that are throwing the busiest processes at it. Enable caching and don't use stuff like yet another related post plugin, helps keep the processes down.
that's it! If you use WP, YARP makes to many queries to DB. The best way to avoid the ban account on shared hosting:

  1. Cache Plugin: WP-Cache, WP Super Cache, W3 total cache, DB Cache R
  2. Files: use external servers like flickr or other free image hosting...or use Amazon S3 Plugins
  3. Optimize & repair database every day or every week for low traffic blogs (automatic with wp plugins)
  4. Optimize your .htaccess (redirections,compress,page errors)
  5. Backup, backup, backup
Shared ip is not a problem at least in my experience.

I have 21 websites in one Baby account,this sites got 50.000 visits last month,and all is ok.

I recently got a group of sites deinxed,but they dont used the server ip to track my sites,they just used analitics/adsense if they used the server ip i would lost much more sites.

There is a video of Matt cuts that answer this question if google will penalize a lot of sites in the same ip,and they said no,try to search for this video.
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